Have you ever wanted to own & operate your own business?

Are you looking for a new and exciting concept? This might be the right opportunity for you!!!

Chi Pie – Chicago Style Pizza is a new and exciting Pizza concept which is now starting to invite potential franchisees to apply to own and operate their own pizzeria!!

Chi Pie opened its first location in Brampton in November 2017, and quickly put Brampton on the map!! With critical acclaim among pizza enthusiasts and bloggers alike, Chi Pie has quickly become one of Brampton’s most popular blogger destinations, and topped the lists as one of Bramptons BEST pizzerias.

Here’s who you are:

- You are a driven individual/couple who is looking to invest in their own success, and be part of a new concept
- You are willing to be hands- on, committed to delivering a quality product, work hard, and see the results
- You are committed to customer service – this means treating each customer uniquely, and ensuring they have an amazing experience
- You have $150k-$250k in liquid funds available to build your own store (depending on size & location) in a location that is suitable for both you and Chi Pie Corporate. Chi Pie is a NEW concept. One existing location. Many possibilities. We are looking for strong candidates to grow in this journey with us.
- If this is you – let’s talk. Please contact us at and start the journey!!

Fun Facts

Chicago Style “deep-dish” pizza was in invented in 1943.

It takes 30 min to bake.

The crust is 2-3 inches tall.

Chi-Pie’s don’t come sliced but the best slices are cut using a cutting board.

You can choose as many toppings as you’d like!

One pie feeds 1-2 people…depending on how hungry you are.

One pie weighs approximately 4 pounds.

Toppings are layered in inverted order with cheese on the top..mmmm - extra cheese please!

Always baked in a round steel pan.

Warning: Do not re-heat in microwave! Reheat in a fying pan with lid on low-medium heat.

The only pizza-themed superhero is Pizza Man.

First pizza delivery to outer space was in 2001.

Most pizza’s sold are on Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, New Years.