Chicago Deep dish, eh?

Come indulge your taste buds at this exclusive Chicago style deep dish pizzeria in Brampton.

Baked with fresh quality ingredients including fine cuts of meat and quality cheese, our pies are created in layers of goodness and deliciousness! So come and visit us! Sink your teeth into the depths of our pies to give a nod to Chicago and tell them we did it better than them!

Drop In Deals

Regular Crust

1 medium pizza,

1 topping, 1 can of pop | 9.95

1 large pizza, 3 toppings

2 cans of pop, 1 dipping sauce | 14.95

Deep Dish

1 small pizza

1 topping, 1 can of pop | 15.95


3088 Mayfield Road BRAMPTON, ON L6Z 4R5